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Welcome to our website! We hope to inform and educate about the need for and benefits of Equine dentistry, from routine health floats to advanced procedures. We offer regular equine dental services throughout Yorkshire and East Lancashire, and farther afield by arrangement. See the “Services” page for more details.

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Why do horses need dental work?



 Due to the domestication of equidae (horses and donkeys) we have taken an animal that would naturally spend 16-18 hours a day grazing, travelling up to 20 miles a day in order to find enough food, and we have stabled or restricted their ability to roam and changed the type of forage available to them.


 Horses’ teeth are designed to deal with hard grasses. We now provide our horses with much softer grasses and feeds, causing sharp enamel points and protuberant teeth to develop.



 Dental overgrowths can restrict their ability to work in an outline when ridden and driven.


All horses require an examination and health float at least every 12 months to ensure that they are pain free and that their dentition is balanced and will last their lifetime.

Equine Dentistry